Sunday, April 10, 2011

How fast are 2Mbps in .mx?

If you're a 3rd World Geek, chances are you're stuck with a crappy and monopolistic ISP and have all sort of troubles with your service provider.
I've finally got pass the "Wife Acceptance Factor" (WAF) to switch providers.
Below find my results of said change.

TELMEX "2Mbps" (before)
AXTEL 2Mbps (now)
As you can see, there's actually a way to get the actual service you pay for. Something tells me Mexican consumers are too lazy to do anything more than bitch on twitter and hope things change by themselves.


Emeterio said...

both services are crap

alex_mayorga said...

Probably, but at least I'm now with the least crappy one ;-)

I think you're the sole commenter on my blog and I failed to acknowledge your comment for 2 years. shame on me =(