Wednesday, February 13, 2013

twitter hacked and your profile still had a topify e-mail...

don't despair.

As long as you're still logged on the mobile client somewhere, there's hope.

A couple weeks ago, lovely @nelisalr broke the news to me that twitter had been cracked by some evil geniuses. I didn't care much as I didn't get any e-mail notifying me my account was affected.

Anyhow next time I go to it asks me to reset my password so I figure my account was indeed one of the 250,000 accounts compromised, the horror!

To add insult to injury, I had set up the e-mail to twitter to be a topify account, a service that's now been dead for quite some time, many moons ago.

Topify being death, all attempts to recover the account's password were in vain.

Your trusty 3rd World Geek regained @alex_mayorga with the following 3 steps:

1. Go to Twitter Help Center | My account was hacked or compromised and fill out the form like this:

2. Twitter support would get back with something along the lines of this message:

The email address you're writing from does not match the confirmed email address for this account. However, we've noticed that the account in question currently has an official Twitter client associated with it. If you are still able to access the Twitter account using your mobile device, we may be able to confirm ownership of the account. To do this, please send the following Tweet from the Twitter for Android app:

@support #123456789

Once you've tweeted this message, reply to this email and let us know you've sent it. We will then be able to verify your account ownership and send you a password reset link so that you can access the account and update your information.

Twitter Support
3. Tweet the required tweet and reply back to support over e-mail and you shall receive a link to reset the account's password.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

If I ever interview you...

Back at the "cube farm" I've been overhearing interviews for some time now so I started planning my interview questionnaire in case I have to hire somebody one day.

It goes like this:
  1. Do you know what RTFM means?
  2. Do you RTFM?
  3. Could you WTFM if needed?
Am I missing any other important questions? Chime in in the comments below... 

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Tarjeta Feria... a half failed NFC implementation

Just copying a couple of comments I put on Milenio in case they mysteriously disappear...
Enlaces "Inteligentes" recula y remueve la información del reembolso de su página.

La página removida es y en ella se leía lo siguiente:
"Los usuarios de la Tarjeta FERIA Ordinaria pueden adquirir su tarjeta en los 13 Centros de Emisión FERIA y en Tiendas OXXO y, a partir del 20 de noviembre, deberán acudir a un Centro de Emisión FERIA a realizar el registro de su Tarjeta FERIA Ordinaria presentando una identificación oficial vigente con fotografía y su CURP, para hacer efectiva la bonificación de $22.50."

Buena forma de crear confianza en los usuarios del tristemente celebre sistema de prepago.

Y ahora el engorro para conseguir el dichoso reembolso "Los usuarios de la Tarjeta FERIA Ordinaria pueden adquirir su tarjeta en los 13 Centros de Emisión FERIA y en Tiendas OXXO y, a partir del 20 de noviembre, deberán acudir a un Centro de Emisión FERIA a realizar el registro de su Tarjeta FERIA Ordinaria presentando una identificación oficial vigente con fotografía y su CURP, para hacer efectiva la bonificación de $22.50."

Primero voy y pierdo mi tiempo buscando un OXXO que tenga tarjetas, la pago y luego tengo que buscar un centro de emisión y llevar CURP para que me den el reembolso. Sólo en México =S

Traje a colación a Visa y MasterCard, porque han hecho innovaciones como estas:
"New Jersey and New York Transit Agencies Partner with MasterCard on Tap & Go Payment System to Enhance Commuter Experience"
"Visa to Improve Payment Experience for Commuters in Los Angeles and Paris; Working with Transit Operators to Enable Visa Payment at the Fare Gate"

Lo cual es perfectamente posible aquí ya que "Los más de 140,000 estudiantes de la UANL ya cuentan con una credencial propia emitida por la universidad. Dicha credencial está preparada tecnológicamente para poder operar en el sistema de prepago FERIA. Esta credencial se debe activar para su uso en las unidades de transporte público de pasajeros que están equipados con el sistema de prepago FERIA."

Supongo que las credenciales de la UANL son VISA o MasterCard y utilizan la misma tecnología que en New Jersey, New York, Los Angeles y Paris. Una pena que una oportunidad como esta de demostrar que la "regia metrópoli" está a la altura de cualquier gran ciudad del mundo termine en un fiasco como este por la falta de visión o habilidades de comunicación de los gobernantes.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

How fast are 2Mbps in .mx?

If you're a 3rd World Geek, chances are you're stuck with a crappy and monopolistic ISP and have all sort of troubles with your service provider.
I've finally got pass the "Wife Acceptance Factor" (WAF) to switch providers.
Below find my results of said change.

TELMEX "2Mbps" (before)
AXTEL 2Mbps (now)
As you can see, there's actually a way to get the actual service you pay for. Something tells me Mexican consumers are too lazy to do anything more than bitch on twitter and hope things change by themselves.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Celebrating Ada Lovelace Day and my favorite woman in technology

As today is "Ada Lovelace Day" I'll be taking my favorite women in technology and wife out for pizza, a burger a latte or whatever she feels like having for dinner.

Thanks on being supportive and helpful on all my "techie" endeavors, from doing "FLISoLes" to cooking your delicious burgers and pancakes to help get computers for disadvantaged kids and specially for being patient when I just have another bug to report or "great idea" to share on IRC or twitter.

I love you! Even if you still insist on using XP =P

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Want to check out what's the buzz is all about?

This one is to appease the twitter following that's going all going crazy begging for a Google's Buzz account.

I got to check it out almost the moment it was announced using these 5 easy steps:
  1. Get Spread Firefox Affiliate Button
  2. Install this add-on User Agent Switcher
  3. Click "Tools" > "Default User Agent" > "iPhone 3.0"
  4. Go to
  5. There's no step five =D
My verdict: I freaked out to give away my location at all times to our Google overlords and was baffled there doesn't seem to be a way to "tweet" your "buzzes", is that the right word?

Please try it out and let me know what you think of this new Google's "killer app".

Ps. As Yahoo! tweeted they released their own Buzz a couple years ago.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Either VAIO VPCCW1FFX/L lasts one month or I got a lemon

I'm publishing this here just in case Sony decides to censor me and as a placeholder on where to continue troubleshooting later.

Pros: 4GB of RAM, discrete video card, looks purple
Cons: HD seems to be faulting after just 3 weeks, no recovery CD/DVD
Review: I saw this one at the Sony store on Las Americas outlet in San Diego and immediately snatched one as its blue color looks purple, it had an NVIDIA discrete card and plenty of RAM.
I happily used the computer for about 3 weeks with no hiccups and was rather happy with it.
Then this morning I was greeted with an un-bootable system, "UNMOUNTABLE _BOOT_VOLUME" BSOD over and over.
I called support and spend well over an hour punching F2, F8 and F10 and selecting different recovery options, none of them worked. In the end I've been told I need to reach a support center (there's none in Zacatecas) and pay for a recovery CD/DVD that Sony "forgot" to put on the box.
I've torrented a "Windows 7 System Recovery Disc" but when booting from it now I see "Status: 0xc00000e9 Info: An unexpected I/O error has occurred".
My gut is the laptop has a faulty HD. I just hope Sony would stand by its product, help me recover my data and get me a new HD or laptop that would work longer than a month ='(