Sunday, June 28, 2009

Nulling your vote in Mexico?... NOT

A lot have been written and said on how "cool and hip" would it be if we all go and null our vote in the upcoming election here in my beloved Mexico this July 5th, 2009.

From the get go I find this proposal nonsensical for a couple of reasons:
  1. Our political system is based in the concept of "mayoría relativa" meaning that if every person but one in a district, state or country goofed up their votes and just one got it right; that wise single voter would've singlehandedly elected a deputy for the whole district, a governor for the whole state or even a president for the whole country.
  2. The current system won't even make a distinction for your "voto en blanco", as it stands today it just means you don't know how to vote.

I've been "funcionario de casilla" before and that's why I understand this. Seems to me like many "political analysts" might have not been.

As an exercise go read what your neighbors have been trained to do this next Sunday on their "Manual del funcionario de casilla". It varies a bit based on the number of parties' coalitions in your district:
Focus on Chapter V "Conteo de los votos y llenado del acta" if you have to skim through it.

I don't want this post to run any longer so let me summarize. I urge you NOT to null your vote. Know who your candidates are, learn what the different parties proposals are, find your voting poll and VOTE.

I do agree that the system is a bit broken and the offers are lacking but I believe it is due to how we forget about it during 3 years and then try to fix it on election day. Go vote, make sure you remain politically conscious for the next 3 years and keep your elected representatives accountable. Hopefully we can fix it for the next one if we all participate.

If you're still so inclined to null your vote please go check page 72 in the above manuals. Helpful IFE gives you some creative ideas and examples to do so. Or better yet vote "alex_mayorga" I'd love to have more votes other than my own for this election =P

PS: it might look like a lot of reading but is for the greater good. Besides you might have wasted the same time somewhere else on the net =)

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TaYo said...

Nullifying the vote is not for everyone. If after examining the different proposals you feel that a Political Party's Candidate represents your point of view, you should go ahead and vote for him. But if you have examined all the platforms and you don't feel that any of the candidates will represent your point of view, why should you be forced to support the "less bad" of them? I should be able to choose not to support any one of them, that's what the null voting is about. You vote and manifest your point of view without charging the dice to one side.