Wednesday, February 13, 2013

twitter hacked and your profile still had a topify e-mail...

don't despair.

As long as you're still logged on the mobile client somewhere, there's hope.

A couple weeks ago, lovely @nelisalr broke the news to me that twitter had been cracked by some evil geniuses. I didn't care much as I didn't get any e-mail notifying me my account was affected.

Anyhow next time I go to it asks me to reset my password so I figure my account was indeed one of the 250,000 accounts compromised, the horror!

To add insult to injury, I had set up the e-mail to twitter to be a topify account, a service that's now been dead for quite some time, many moons ago.

Topify being death, all attempts to recover the account's password were in vain.

Your trusty 3rd World Geek regained @alex_mayorga with the following 3 steps:

1. Go to Twitter Help Center | My account was hacked or compromised and fill out the form like this:

2. Twitter support would get back with something along the lines of this message:

The email address you're writing from does not match the confirmed email address for this account. However, we've noticed that the account in question currently has an official Twitter client associated with it. If you are still able to access the Twitter account using your mobile device, we may be able to confirm ownership of the account. To do this, please send the following Tweet from the Twitter for Android app:

@support #123456789

Once you've tweeted this message, reply to this email and let us know you've sent it. We will then be able to verify your account ownership and send you a password reset link so that you can access the account and update your information.

Twitter Support
3. Tweet the required tweet and reply back to support over e-mail and you shall receive a link to reset the account's password.